Advanced Technology

Today, technology has changed the face and nature of dentistry.  We are constantly looking for ways to integrate these advances within the office to maximize the service and care for our patients.  At the same time, we are committed to finding technologies whose efficacy and safety are held to the highest standards.

The office is completely digitized—including x-rays.  This means up to 80% reduction in radiation compared to traditional film x-rays.  Also, because of the enhanced images digital offers, the doctor can effectively diagnose and show the images to the patient on the overhead screen.

NYS Dental comes equipped with a full mouth/jaw x-ray used to scan everything from wisdom tooth problems and signs of bone disease to sinus and possible jaw joint (TMJ) issues.  A special, painless intraoral camera is routinely used to show the patient trouble areas in the mouth, which again is projected on the overhead screen for the patient to view.  Seeing is believing!

Here, the dental drills used are the quietist hand pieces available.  Because they are electric, piercing high pitched noises often associated with dental work are eliminated.  Further, vibration is minimized within the mouth while the work is being done, allowing better precision for the doctor and a stress free environment for the patient.  Lastly, the operatories are connected with your favourite television shows and movies for a relaxed, more enjoyable experience while in the comfort of the chair.