About the doctor

What do an airplane, engine, and spaceship have to do with dentistry?  Nothing, so it seems.  But this was the path that eventually took Dr. Baik to where he is today. 

He completed his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Concordia University, and was set on this career path until he realized his love for craftsmanship and his natural dexterity were not being fully utilized.  So, he put down his drafting pencil and set his sights on dentistry. 

He scored amongst the top in Canada on the dental aptitude exam, which landed him a placement at McGill University Dental School.  While at McGill, he was hand selected to teach dental admissions preparatory courses to students, based on his exceptional sculpting and modelling skills. 

Now in retrospect, the two seemingly different disciplines actually intersect and even complement each other: like engineering, dentistry relies on complex problem solving and a practical approach to building and restoration.

After graduating, he moved to Ontario and associated at busy offices in Port Colborne, Hamilton and Toronto.  NYS Dental is his current private practice and is located in the hub of North York.

He is an active member of the Ontario Dental Association, Canadian Dental Association, Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, the Integrative Dental Implant Academy and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. The doctor stays current by continually receiving training and education on the most advanced procedures and technologies available today.

Dr. Baik is respected by patients for his outstanding attention to detail and high level of care.  “It’s in the small things that matter.  It should look natural and crafted carefully, whether it be a colour selection for a veneer, or the shape of a crown”, according to Dr. Baik.  He is open to feed back and responds to patients’ emails and calls.  “I’m not just building a practice, I’m building relationships”, says Dr. Baik. 

Having practiced over a decade in dentistry, he is still as passionate about his work today as when he first started.  What makes things exciting is the constant evolving nature of dentistry and the case by case uniqueness each patient presents.  Every day affords a new opportunity for Dr. Baik to challenge himself and remain firm in his commitment to his patients and the profession.

He looks forward to the future of this practice and being a part of your trusted health team for many years to come.